Creation Autosportif has announced that it has reached agreement with the Japanese engine company AIM to end its four-year agreement at the half-way point.

The two went into partnership at the start of 2006 but have now taken the decision to split ahead of 2009, where both parties will be given the chance to pursue other opportunities.

"It has been an honour and a great experience working with all of our friends at AIM; we will miss them," Creation's Michael Jankowski said. "In particular, I would like to thank Mr Yukinori Suzuki of AIM for his support and enthusiasm for the project over the years.

"Creation wanted to do more in the ALMS and the AIM people were focused heavily on Le Mans. From a company perspective you cannot have a business that is dependent upon a single race."

AIM representative Mr. Y Sakurai added that the decision taken was the best one for both parties.

"The relationship between Creation and AIM has been an excellent one," he said. "In 2008, however, it became clear that both companies' objectives for the future had shifted and both felt it sensible to separate our activities as friends - leaving each of us to pursue our own routes to success."



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