The Quifel-ASM team has completed the first shakedown of the new Ginetta-Zytek GZ09S/2 which it will campaign during the 2009 Le Mans Series season.

Despite far from ideal weather conditions at Estoril, Miguel Amaral and Olivier Pla were able to complete 78 faultless laps with the new car, with Amaral getting chance to sample the Ginetta-Zytek for the first time.

Pla has previously run in the car during a test at Snetterton and he said he was impressed once again by its performance on track.

"The car felt very good," he said. "There are some differences between the GZ09S/2 we were testing this week and the 07S/2 I drove last year, but the car feels very familiar, the balance is still very good.

"We had a very productive test until the bad weather set in. We completed a lot of miles and the car was very reliable which is a good sign. Obviously I know the quality of the Ginetta-Zytek chassis from my previous experience, but the GZ09S/2 is another step forward."