After missing out on an entry last season, Jetalliance Racing will take past in the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hours after being named amongst the teams to secure a place in the GT1 field.

The team had hoped to take its Aston Martin DBR9 to La Sarthe last season but has now managed to secure an entry for what will be a rare outing for the car this year after the team elected to withdraw from the FIA GT Championship.

Team boss Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer will be one of the drivers with his partners in the line-up to be decided at a later date.

"I'm obviously delighted," Lichtner-Hoyer said. "This race is the absolute highlight, both for the Jetalliance Racing team as well as for me personally. I was in France twice as a spectator so far - now we'll be there as participants. It's a dream come true for the entire team.

"It's also a great honour for us to be able to compete in this toughest and most traditional of all the endurance races; especially since we're the only Austrian team and the first since 1972. Everything's privately financed at the moment but I'm confident that I'll be able to win over one or the other partner for this incredibly well-covered event."

The team will now work on modifying its DBR9 ready for the French classic, with changes needing to be made to the aerodynamics on the car and air-conditioning being required, and the focus then will turn to achieving Lichtner-Hoyer's dream of securing a finish at La Sarthe.

"My goal in racing has always been to compete in Le Mans with this team - this target's now imminent," he said. "As far as the race is concerned, our aim has to be to drive 24 hours without any major problem and go all the way to the chequered flag. Then the rest will follow by itself."



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