The Jetalliance Racing team battled a myriad of issues on its debut in the Le Mans 24 Hours, but was able to head home from La Sarthe with a third place finish in the GT1 class.

The team ran into problems right at the start, with team boss Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer forced to put at the end of the first lap to change the alternator. Having returned to the circuit, the Aston Martin then ground to a halt with a fuel pump problems, with Lichtner-Hoyer eventually making it back to the pits after a lap of well over an hour.

From that point on, the car ran without any major dramas with Lichtner-Hoyer, Thomas Gruber and Alex Muller benefitting from issues for others ahead to successfully make it to the flag in third in class.

"After seven horrifying hours our team spirit has finally prevailed," Lichtner-Hoyer said. "We never gave up, and for that we were rewarded.

"Of course we were lucky in the end - but crossing the finish line is all that counts at Le Mans and we managed to do that. Congratulations to the entire team!"



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