Filipe Albuquerque says the Porsche Curves are the main difference between himself and his team-mates at present despite the #3 being the fastest Audi.

Loic Duval had a major crash in the #1 Audi at the Porsche Curves during practice on Wednesday, while James Calado will also miss the race after an accident on the same part of track. Making his Le Mans debut this weekend, Albuquerque said he had learned just how committed his team-mates Marco Bonanomi and Oliver Jarvis have to be to get that section right.

"Going faster and faster at Porsche [Curves] you start to know - especially at the entry - that you have some bumps, and at night you see worse than in the day, of course. But as you go faster and faster and in to that zone that is closer to 270km/h - getting closer to what [team-mates] are going through - you start to feel all the bumps on the car and the car moving here and there.

"You say 'OK, the walls are really close!' It's taken a lot of my time to get through there and I have a lot of respect for these guys and Mr Joest who raced here. I see these guys are special and I hope just to live with them."

Despite the accidents which have occurred at the Porsche Curves, Albuquerque admitted that he is enjoying every second of his Le Mans experience so far.

"It's very special. We go over 300km/h many times and when you walk around you think 'this is a very long straight, it's taking ages, I'm going to have time to play around and talk to the engineers' but when you're in the car you do the straight in seconds.

"So it requires a lot of focus during the stint, especially at night; OK we have the high beams that help us a lot but it requires even more focus from the drivers. So I'm having a lot of fun."



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