Neel Jani says Porsche is unsure just how strong it could be in today's Le Mans 24 Hours after qualifying in second place.

The #14 Porsche was just 0.3s away from taking pole position on Thursday, with both Porsche cars outqualifying the three Audis. However, Jani agreed with Mark Webber that winning the race itself could be tough due to problems with tyre wear compared to its rivals, but told during an exclusive interview that the car has the outright pace to challenge.

"[Winning] will be hard for us," Jani said. "We've seen in the other two races that Audi is very strong and they can do a lot of stints because their tyres hold up a lot better. They could do more stints than Toyota and us. We still know that we struggle a little bit with tyre wear more than Toyota or Audi and that will be our main issue, so we'll see. The aim is still to get the lead quite quickly and keep them behind even if we use some tyres!"

When asked if the fact that Porsche is an unknown quantity at Le Mans this year could help, Jani said the team itself was unsure how it could fare.

"It's unknown even for us, which is what worries us or makes us uncertain. We can't say 'yeah we'll be good until the end of the race' or 'yeah we'll be strong at the beginning or at the end', we just don't know. We really don't know, and that is the difficult part on our return. We just don't have enough experience on this track, with this car or the technology from past years.

"Toyota and Audi do have a bit of certain experience from past years and we don't have that and that will make our race difficult. Out of pure speed we're not bad - we showed that [in qualifying] - pure speed we have, but it's about turning it in to 24 Hour speed."

And Jani believes the end of qualifying on Thursday night could have been spectacular if all three LMP1 teams had been allowed a clean run at pole.

"It was a race before the race. You could see that Toyota, Audi and Porsche all just went for pole position. Everyone put new sets on, new sets, new sets, and it was a shootout. I think the last 48 minutes would have been a great showdown but in the end it's not that important.

"I think it was a lot of prestige, a lot of show and we like to do quick laps. [Saturday] is totally different, I think Audi will be totally there in the race, they will be challenging, so it was the fun part; now the hard work starts."



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