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Anthony Davidson admits he would be uneasy with claiming victory in the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours, saying a victory is only possible were Toyota able to 'fluke it'.

Despite largely dominating the World Endurance Championship for Toyota alongside Sebastien Buemi last season, the manufacturer is considered an outsider for this year's race after slipping behind Audi and Porsche in the development battle.

Indeed, Davidson comes into the 2015 event still seeking his first win in the endurance classic, but while the nature of the event means Toyota is refusing to discount itself entirely, he says it would take problems for each Audi and Porsche entry for him to get into contention since it can't hope to match on pure dry pace alone.

With this in mind, Davidson says that even if he did win on Sunday, the 'fluke' element of it would somewhat lessen his achievement.

"This race is not about who has the fastest car, it is the handful of luck," he said. "It makes me hate this race and love this race in the same way. For me, winning a world championship means you are more complete because you have won at multiple different tracks in all kinds of situations. As a driver and a team it is a bigger achievement because you were the best over the year.

"To fluke a victory at Le Mans doesn't mean you were the best, it just means you were lucky. If you genuinely earn it then fair enough but to fluke a victory here you are on the front cover of the magazines and have a big celebration in the town and will be the big name for the year. But deep down you know you were just lucky. That is not what I do it for.

"I'll take it however it comes. If it is handed to be, it is handed to me. It would be great, I could tick that box, I won Le Mans, it would be mega, but deep down we'll know we were the underdogs and it was handed to you. I've always been hard on myself and my best performances, when I know I have done my best, are when you destroy the competition. You don't do it to just get lucky and be handed a race victory. But no matter how many times you say it people might not understand.

"If you were just generally lucky that is not how you want to win it. I would still take it, don't get me wrong and it would save the year but it wouldn't take away the disappointment that we still have a long year ahead of us and perhaps not just one year. It is going to take a lot of work."

Follow's LIVE and interactive Le Mans 24 Hours text commentary around-the-clock to stay up to date



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