The Endurance Committee has opted to make a series of changes to the Balance of Performance between the manufacturers in the GTE-Pro class after seeing a wide disparity in pace.

In a meeting attended by the ACO, the FIA and representatives of the five GT manufactures - Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Corvette - a number of adjustments have been implemented ahead of the start of the 84th Le Mans 24 Hours this weekend.

Ford's performance jump saw them fire into the front of the GTE-Pro class with all four of its cars inside the top five while a factory AF Corse Ferrari split the quartet in third in qualifyng.

The disparity in times - with Porsche appearing four seconds off despite being equally matched on the test day - had raised suspicion of 'sand-bagging'.

As a result, the Endurance Committee has chosen to act before the start of the race with a series of adjustments.

The Ferrari 488 GTE has received an extra 25kg to its base weight to run at a total of 1268kg at Le Mans equating to 10kg increase in the latest adjustments. Ford has also be landed an additional 10kg weight increase from qualifying to move to 1248kg.

At Aston Martin and Corvette, both manufacturers has received a reduction in engine restrictor with 0.4mm and 0.3mm reductions respectively.

Porsche, who in particular felt aggrieved by the initial discrepancies, received an increase of 8 litres of fuel to its full volume, while Ferrari has received four and Corvette seven to equalise the number of laps each car is able to complete per stint.

Finally, Ford has also had its boost ratio reduced by an unspecified figure.



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