As we close in on the end of 2016, it's time to look back at the biggest moments across the motorsport world - for better or for worse - over the last 12 months.

Forget EURO 2016 - Le Mans safety car driver produces save of the season!

EURO 2016 may have been running alongside Le Mans 24 Hours in France in June but the save of the year came on the race track when former F1 race driver Yannick Dalmas controlled a hairy moment during qualifying for the prestigious race.

In torrential rain during the final qualifying session, a red flag forced Dalmas in the Audi R8 safety car to head out on the Circuit de la Sarthe to test track conditions.

The four-time Le Mans winner showed off his expert car control by saving a slide as his Audi aquaplaned on the sodden track which was captured by the Le Mans TV crews under the floodlights.

Enjoy the moment all over again below...

First published: 17th June 2016

WATCH: Le Mans safety car driver 'save of the year'

Forget EURO 2016, former F1 driver Yannick Dalmas is destined to be a strong candidate for 'save of the season' with this wild, yet beautifully controlled moment during Le Mans 24 Hours qualifying.

Better still, this was all performed in the Audi R8 safety car as the Frenchman negotiated a sodden La Sarthe circuit, torrential rain going on to scupper the final grid-forming session for the round-the-clock classic.

And for anyone that says 'give that man a Le Mans drive', it should be pointed out that the 54 year-old is a four-time Le Mans champion!



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