Oliver Jarvis says if the #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing Oreca went all-out for victory while being the first-ever LMP2 car to lead the Le Mans 24 Hours it would have hampered its outright chances and felt taking class victory and second overall is a commendable achievement.

The ex-Audi LMP1 driver was in his team's LMP2 challenger when the leading #1 Porsche 919 Hybrid ground to a stop with oil pressure problems which saw the Oreca 07 - Gibson take the outright lead.

Despite having a sizeable five lap advantage over the chasing #2 Porsche, Jarvis conceded it was always a tall order for the LMP2 challenger to take on the factory LMP1 car and felt it would have jeopardised its reliability in the hot conditions over the final four hours of the race.

"I was in the car when I saw the #1 Porsche at the side of the road and started to think we could end up winning this thing. It wasn't quite to be but what a day for us winning in LMP2 and second overall - but there is that little bit of me that thinks how special it would have been to win it outright.

"Still got to take the positives because what a week and what a day, things ran perfectly and the team has been magnificent.

"We had some worries with the car as we've never done a full 24 hours without issues and certainly not in those conditions but we were looking after it for the last three or four hours. To be put in a position when you are leading the race and hearing little noises makes you concerned.

"We are pushing but at the same time we were pushing conservatively by looking after the car and staying off the kerbs. If we went looking for the outright victory we would have been foolish. It was out of our hands and the pace they had we can't match that. We were relying on a safety car or a problem for them."

Ultimately, Jarvis's team finished a whole lap down on the #2 Porsche by the chequered flag but in a comfortable second place - while securing a victory and double podium for Jackie Chan DC Racing in LMP2 - and felt it was a fantastic achievement for the team.

"The fact that it was four or five minutes it was easier to take," he said. "If it was going to be down to the last lap like predicted, that would have seriously hurt. Take nothing away from that though Jackie Chan DC Racing - what a day for them - first and third in LMP2 and an overall podium. They would have taken that at the start.

"Them being 13 seconds a lap faster that adds up to a lot of laps faster. It was special enough to lead the race so I don't think we let ourselves believe we would win outright so we didn't let that disappointment hit."