Work has now started on the track layout for the 2009 Motocross Grand Prix of Great Britain, which will take place at Mallory on 30th and 31st May, with the main aim being to provide a track that promotes close, exciting racing, whilst also enhancing the viewing experience for spectators.

The track building team, led by expert Justin Barclay, has already begun making preparations for the track, which was purpose-built for last year's inaugural Mallory Park British Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, due to planning restrictions, part of the new circuit had to be flattened after the race weekend, which has effectively given Barclay and his crew a blank canvas to work with.

''Because we had to demolish part of the circuit after the race last year, it means we've now got a nice, big grassed area to play with when it comes to building the track for the 2009 Motocross Grand Prix of Great Britain,'' explained Barclay.

Barclay and his crew are already busy designing new elements for the top end of the Mallory park track, but the popular bombhole and double jump from last year's event will remain.

Spectator viewing will be improved around this area, and a second access tunnel will be built to improve access to the infield for spectators and medical vehicles alike.

In order to keep some 'old-school' features in the design, the 360 degree sandy corner in the trees section of track will remain, but more off-cambered turns will be added to make the circuit technical and demanding for the Grand Prix competitors.

A new table-top jump will also be created before the finish-line, and its expected that the new layout will be both entertaining for fans and testing for the world's best motocross riders.

''We have listened to the spectator feedback from last year, and it's clear that we need another access tunnel into the centre of the track,'' said Barclay. ''We're going to add this element this year, which is also useful for the medics too. With the input from Gareth Hockey and Roger Harvey we've also been trying to keep some nice old-school features in the course, to make it technically demanding and interesting for the riders, which should make the racing better too.''

With the race-fans in mind, an all-new spectator banking area, which is already under construction, has been introduced to improve the number of viewing areas around the track.

''This new banking area will be great for the spectators, as our aim is always to make as much of the course viewable from every spot around the track. The new bank is already being constructed, and will be perfect for catching all of the action, so spectators should make sure they bring a deck chair with them for the ultimate armchair viewing experience,'' concluded Barclay.



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