If you've never seen freestyle motocross before then this DVD will leave you completely in awe of what these riders are capable of and mesmerised by their mid-air antics.

The Red Bull X-Fighters world tour is the pinnacle of this extreme sport with the twelve top riders on the planet battling it out for the world title. Taking in five stunning venues around the globe, the X-Fighters start their grand tour in Mexico, before moving to Calgary in Canada, Fort Worth in Texas, Madrid in Spain with the grand final taking place at Battersea Power Station in London.

The DVD starts at the final round where a crowd of 18,000 - yes 18,000 - fans greeted their heroes at the Battersea Power station and to get the party started the riders actually jumped through the windows of the famous fa?ade. They sure know how to make an entry!

You are then taken back to the start of the season in Mexico and are treated to remarkable aerial shots of the venue, which is a huge bull ring. The fans are going wild for the riders and they don't disappoint. The stunts that the riders pull off are simply amazing and as the championship progresses so do the tricks. These guys defy gravity in spectacular fashion.

Each round is picked up at the semi-final stage so you are treated to the best of the best. The finals are interspersed with relevant interviews from riders and freestyle experts so nothing goes without comment. Between each breath taking event there is a "Top Ten" or "Top Three" run down, ranging from the "Top Ten Tricks" to the "Top Five Emotional Moments." It is truly emotional as some of the crashes will leave you agog and wondering how the riders could ever bounce back from it. However, in true motorsport fashion, they do.

Every event is unique and had its own claim to fame. Calgary saw the return of Nate Adams, Texas was the biggest venue on the calendar and was where the very first double back flip was achieved in competition. Madrid saw the front flip and London was honoured with the grand final. The Battersea Power Station has never looked so good and it was an ideal location for such an event.

As well as the awesome stunts it is interesting to see the riders preparing for their routines. They only have a few minutes to squeeze in as many tricks as possible, so they have a list written and attached to their handle bars. Before they go out the riders are seen visualising what they need to do in mid air to impress the judges and the crowd.

If you've got through all of the rounds and want even more aerial capers then you need to watch the Extras. The rider profiles are interesting as well as unusual as they are shot all over the world. The interviews which cover Inner Strength, Rituals and Fear are insightful and engaging as it gives a clear picture of a rider's mind set. A sneaky look behind the scenes of the Red Bull training camp is also engrossing for fans to see how it is all put together.

The final two features are the High Rise Challenge and the Tower Bridge Jump; both are ambitious exploits and carried off in the true Red Bull X-Fighters fashion.

This is a captivating DVD for fans of Freestyle, or even those who have never experienced it before. Following the competition around the world is thrilling, but it is the behind the scenes sections that really gives a clear window into the arena of Freestyle.

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