Despite breaking his collarbone in a scrub-gone-wrong at the German GP less than two weeks ago, Jeffrey Herlings will return to the MX2 championship this weekend at Uddevalla.

The return should come as no particular surprise given that Herlings rode the final GP of 2014 with his femur still pretty much in two pieces and held together with metal rods. A mere collarbone injury might seem trivial in comparison to the determined Dutch rider, but any further accidents on a bone barely healed and plated up could prove extremely problematic to his title intentions. Herlings was spotted riding at Veldhoven yesterday on what was thought to be his first time back on the bike since the incident at Teutschenthal.

Herlings currently sits a full 100 points ahead of second place Tim Gasjer with 398 points on the board, with the Honda rider only just ahead of Valentin Guillod by one point. Theoretically the former two-time champion could afford to sit out the fixture, but given that he had a similar lead last year just prior to his leg-breaking accident, Herlings is taking no chances for the 2015 title.

Image Ray Archer / KTM



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