British Motocross champion Shaun Simpson will join AMA Supercross champion and likely 2015 AMA motocross champ Ryan Dungey when he takes his awayday to Unadilla. The Scot had originally planned on taking his own suspension over with him to fit to a borrowed bike, but now the Red Bull Factory KTM team have come up with the goods, and Simpson will now take to the line with a factory machine.

In a statement, KTM Sports Director Pit Beirer confirmed the decision to give Simpson full support for the American race, and went on to confirm the factories intention to upgrade their support for the British champion throughout 2016.

"It's great that he goes there and he is a great rider", said Beirer. "We are pleased that we can support him and the aim is to support good material with him next year in the world championship. He'll get the best engine that we have. We know from past experience that the transition to a factory team was hard for him. He needed a special atmosphere to perform at his best, without the pressure of a factory team . However, you need a good engine and mechanic . We will increase the support from the factory next year and that is why we also help him with the race in Unadilla."

As the MXGP moves into the final stages of the series, the silly season is in full swing, with a raft of unsubstantiated rumours about team signings and moves circulating on social media. The statement from Beirer is fantastic news for MOTO columnist Simpson and seems to indicate that he will stay orange for 2016. Currently running seventh in the world championship on what is effectively a privateer bike, it's clear that with factory support SS24 could seriously improve that position next year.



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