British team leader David Knight, along with seven other top Trophy Team riders, have been disqualified from the ISDE in Slovakia for missing a checkpoint. It means that France, GB and the USA are now way out of the running, leaving Australia with a big lead.

Knight was furious about the decision and says he may not now ever do another ISDE. He said: "That's my ISDE done, probably my last one I'll ever do, disqualified along with 7 other trophy team riders for going the wrong way on a check. Very bad marking and to dangerous to go back as fast narrow trail and could have been a head on crash if we did, it was a longer way around and off no benefit to us. FIM are trying to kill the sport in my opinion, common sense never prevails and feel gutted for British, French and USA teams. Thanks to everyone that has helped and made it possible and sorry for mistake!"



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