By Adam Duckworth

Briton Nathan Watson took second place in the Red Bull Knockout Beach Race at Scheveningen in Holland on Sunday, a massive event with 1500 riders trying to make the final. He led after overtaking leader Yentl Martens but fell twice early on. He was beaten by Belgian Axel Van De Sande who was helped by a clever pit stop.

All riders have to pit, but Van Der Sande had a big tank fitted so didn't need to stop for fuel, just went through the pits. He said: "It's my first time here and was getting insane!" Watson, winner of the recent Weston Beach Race, said: "I was pushing hard to extend my lead then had two big crashes. Compared to Weston, the track is very different and much harder."

It's Watson's last ride for Ice One Husky before he goes to race enduro for the factory KTM team next season. A total of 1500 riders tackled the event in a series of heats and semi-finals. Race winner Van De Sande missed the finish flag and did a victory lap. He is officially deemed an amateur and rode with a white bib to signify it! Third was Frenchman Camille Chapeliere while former world MX1 motocross champion Steve Ramon was seventh, one spot in front of Briton Matt Moffat.



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