By Adam Duckworth

KTM's Justin Brayton took a decisive overall win in the SX1 class at the weekend's Geneva Supercross, beating fellow Stateside star Malcolm Stewart and Frenchman Fabien Izoird.

In the first final on Friday, Brayton led while Stewart was able to reel in Valentin Teillet for second place and then set off after the leader. Gred Aranda also made a pass on Teillet early in the race and ran in third place for much of the moto. In the closing laps, Brayton lots the front wheel but got up quickly, allowing Stewart past.

The two Americans battled but lappers meant Brayton passed Stewart to take victory. On the grand final on Saturday, Brayton avoided carnage in the first turn and pulled away to an easy win - his fourth King of Geneva title. Stewart was caught in the first turn crash but could only pull through to sixth, which was good enough for second overall.

Brayton said: "That was fun! Stoked to win both nights and the overall here in Geneva!"



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