After his horrible weekend in Valkenswaard, Holland's Kevin Strijbos finished among the point-scoring riders at round two of the Motocross World Championship in Spain.

The fast circuit at Bellpuig was just what the Dutchman wanted after the sands of round one, and he scored a fantastic 16th place. After a serious crash in qualification, however, team-mate Wyatt Avis only rode on Saturday.

In first qualifying, the South African made a bad start but, just 15 minutes later, was riding himself into ninth position. Then, an attacking move by Marvin van Daele proved too much for the Bonenburg team member and, on a pretty tricky ski jump, Avis was taken down. Due to the crash, the Suzuki rider injured his shoulder pretty seriously and he had to stop his participation in the rest of the day's racing.

Strijbos, running in the second qualifying group, made a better - if not perfect - start and was able to dice for a place just out of the top ten. In normal fashion, he then rode himself into the top four, and, as the end approached, the 16-year-old rider even began to threaten the second-placed rider. Unfortunately, he was not able to get past, but third place was one to be proud of too.

The last chance race was Avis' final opportunity to qualify himself for the Grand Prix, but he was not able to get himself in the top four, and was out of the main event.

"In my crash this morning, van Daele jumped into my shoulder," he explained, "I really suffered from the injury at this tricky and
rutted track. It is really sad, because my lap times were enough to be in the top five."

On Sunday, Strijbos made a good start but, because he got caught between a group of riders at the first corner, was only able to start his race in 28th position. Without any real problems thereafter, he managed to pass a couple of rivals in the first few laps, until expected frontrunner Steve Ramon, who had crashed in the start, came past.

Although losing a place, Strijbos latched onto the rear of Ramon and immediately started to match his pace. The two were running nose-to-tail until they reached Tsjechic Zaremba, when the Suzuki rider was unable to follow the Valkenswaard victor through and lost touch. It took three laps for Strijbos to find a way past the backmarker, leaving him to ride into twelfth position.

"Not a bad race, but I am sure I could have been much more dangerous for de Reuver than it turned out," he said afterwards, "I was faster, but Zaremba was in my way. The riding went well and the points I scored are very valuable but, as you can see from my lap times, I should have been in the top ten easily."



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