The first night of the Bercy Supercross has fallen to Andrew Short, the Suzuki rider beating home hero David Vuillmen and new Yamaha rider Mike Brown.

The evening began with the 125cc two-stroke or 250 four-stroke field facing a series of heat race to qualifying for the final.

Heat one saw Vuillemin, a five times Bercy winner, get off to a disastrous start on his first 250F ride, the Frenchman missing the gate completely and left last around turn one. The Cobra fought back valiantly and was up to fifth by the end of lap two... but would fall soon after and be forced to rely on the last chance qualifier later that night.

Meanwhile, Edgar Torronteras had got the holeshot and led the first seven laps, before he lost two places in quick succession to surprise star Troy Adams and AMA regular Kelly Smith. Danny Smith would also demote the freestyle ace for an all-American heat one podium.

The second heat was considered the best of the night, with the enthusiastic crowd being entertained by a tough fight between Andrew Short and Grant Langtson; Short got the holeshot but was unable to secure a safe pace, with Langston pushing him all race long.

Short absorbed the pressure from the reigning AMA - and former world - motocross champion to take the heat victory, with Steve Boniface (on the new Suzuki four-stroke) and Ryan Mills finshing third and fourth.

The third and final heat saw another American win courtesy of Mike Brown, who grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. Pascal Leuret secured second place, followed by young Australian Jay Marmont and Frenchman Rodrig Thain - the last rider to qualify direct to the main.

After his earlier mishap, Vuillemin won his last chance qualifier with ease to claim his belated place in the final, while Gibson, Meo, Thomas, Lacey and Guidetty also graduated from the three last chance events.

Onto the much anticipated final, and when the gate dropped it was former Kawasaki rider Brown who grabbed the holeshot, while Meo and Boniface saw their hopes end early in a first turn tangle.

Brown's reign would last less than a lap before he was displaced by Short, with Langston and Vuillemin also putting MB under pressure. Vuillemin appeared the quickest of the top four, and despite a start in the second row, soon carved his way through the pack: Third by lap 2, then second by lap 4 after passing Brown.

Vuillemin now had just one man between himself and glory, and looked likely to catch Short until a small mistake in the whoops hampered his challenge, giving a Bercy day one of: Short, Vuillemin, Brown, Adams and Langston.

Bercy Supercross - day one results:

Main event: 1.Short ; 2.Vuillemin ; 3.Brown ; 4.Adams ; 5.Langston ; 6.Mills ; 7.Smith Kelly ; 8.Marmont ; 9.Thain ; 10.Guidetty; 11.Gibson; 12.Leuret; 13.Thomas; 14.Smith Danny; 15.Lacey; 16.Torronteras; 17.Meo; 18.Boniface



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