Australian Chad Reed has won the opening round of the AMA Supercross series, in front of a sold out crowd at Anaheim, California.

Reed had a relatively trouble free main event, passing Holeshot Award winner Ernesto Fonseca, after the Honda rider fell in the whoops, then pulling away for the remaining 20 laps.

But further back, a three-way battle raged between fellow Yamaha riders' Ezra Lusk, Tim Ferry and David Vuillemin - which only ended when Lusk, who was running second, went down.

Vuillemin would later pass Ferry for second, as Yamaha dominated the podium positions.

"This race was great and it was proof that the bike is awesome," said Reed. "We [Yamaha] went one, two, three tonight, so it's proof that the bike is great. I was a little rusty, but I can't complain."

Those closest to the 'boys in blue' were Honda's Mike LaRocco (fourth), new Kawasaki signing Michael Byrne (fifth), while Tyler Evans surprised as top Suzuki in sixth - and now leads the World SX GP series.

Main disappointment of the night was the performance of Honda's Kevin Windham, who never made an impact on the main event - despite looking back to his old self in the heat races - and would finish ninth.

Meanwhile, in the 125cc class, Kawasaki's Ivan Tedesco emerged on top - as he took only his second 125cc Supercross victory.

Tedesco led right from the start, but with Yamaha's Josh Hansen close behind and threatening. Hansen would briefly pass Tedesco, but the Kawasaki rider moved back into the lead and stayed there to the flag.

Behind Tedesco, fellow Kawasaki rider Stephane Roncada would pass Hansen for second on lap two, but would fall victim to former AMA champion Nathan Ramsey on lap ten, the Honda rider demoting the Frenchman to third.

"I had a perfect night," said Tedesco. "I won my qualifier, earned the holeshot and went on to take my second Supercross victory. I got a little tight late in the race, but I will work that out."


250cc Main Event:

1. Chad Reed AUS Yamaha
2. David Vuillemin, FRA, Yamaha
3. Tim Ferry, USA, Yamaha
4. Mike LaRocco, USA, Honda
5. Michael Byrne, AUS, Kawasaki
6. Tyler Evans, USA, Suzuki
7. Damon Huffman, USA, Honda
8. Ezra Lusk, USA, Yamaha
9. Kevin Windham, USA, Honda
10. Ernesto Fonseca, CR, Honda

125cc WestCoast Main Event:

1. Ivan Tedesco, USA, Kawasaki
2. Nathan Ramsey, USA, Honda
3. Stephane Roncada, FRA, Kawasaki
4. Andrew Short, USA, Suzuki
5. Troy Adams, USA, Kawasaki
6. Josh Hansen, USA, Yamaha
7. Brock Sellards, USA, Yamaha
8. Travis Preston, USA, Honda
9. Greg Schnell, USA, Yamaha
10. Christopher Gosselaar, USA, Honda

THQ World Supercross GP Point Standings:

1. Tyler Evans, USA, Suzuki 59
2. Grant Langston, RSA, KTM 51
3. Damon Huffman, USA, Honda 49
4. Heath Voss, USA, Yamaha 49
5. Ernesto Fonseca, CR, Honda 45
6. Andrew Short, USA, Suzuki 33
7. Daryl Hurley, NZL, Suzuki 33
8. Keith Johnson, USA, Yamaha 31
9. Jason Thomas, USA, Honda 27
10. Clark Stiles, USA, Honda 25



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