Chad Reed won his second World SX GP/AMA Supercross main event of the season at Anaheim II on Saturday, after a tense battle in front of 43,602 fans.

Suzuki's Nick Wey won the Butterfinger Holeshot Award, leading Ernesto Fonseca and Kevin Windham through the first turn. Honda's Windham, who won last week's race in Phoenix, then moved into the lead by the end of the first lap and many thought K-Dub could take his second in a row.

However Yamaha mounted Reed, who started in fifth position, moved into second place on lap three and followed Windham for the next seven laps. Then - after a series of passes between the pair - Reed held the lead and would take his second win from three AMA starts, ahead of Windham and David Vuillemin.

"This was the cleanest race I have ever been in," said Reed. "I was behind Windham for those laps, looking at the lines he had. He had some great lines, and I was able to take advantage of them."

In the 125cc West Coast race, Kawasaki's Ivan Tedesco kept his unbeaten run alive with his third consecutive victory of the season.

Yamaha's Bryan Johnson took the holeshot Award with Travis Preston, Nathan Ramsey, Stephan Roncada and Ivan Tedesco close behind. Tedesco then moved into second place on lap two, and into the lead on lap 12.

On the same lap, Roncada also made his move around Preston and into second, but Preston returned the favour and reclaimed his position. The top three would finish in that order.

"I didn't have the start I needed, but I came through and won," said Tedesco. "Everyone said I couldn't win if I didn't get a good start, but I proved them wrong tonight."

Results - THQ World SX GP/AMA Supercross:
1. Chad Reed Yamaha
2. Kevin Windham Honda
3. David Vuillemin Yamaha
4. Mike LaRocco Honda
5. Ernesto Fonseca Honda
6. Nick Wey Suzuki
7. Damon Huffman Honda
8. Michael Byrne Kawasaki
9. Grant Langston KTM
10. Robbie Reynard Honda

AMA Supercross Series championship standings:
1. Chad Reed Yamaha, 72
2. David Vuillemin Yamaha, 56
3. Mike LaRocco Honda, 56
4. Kevin Windham Honda, 49
5. Michael Byrne Kawasaki, 40
6. Damon Huffman Honda, 38
7. Tim Ferry Yamaha, 36
8. Nick Wey Suzuki, 36
9. Ezra Lusk Yamaha, 32
10. Tyler Evans Suzuki, 27
World Supercross GP championship standings:
1. Tyler Evans Suzuki, 96
2. Damon Huffman Honda, 93
3. Grant Langston KTM, 91
4. Heath Voss Yamaha, 82
5. Ernesto Fonseca Honda, 81
6. Keith Johnson Yamaha, 62
7. Daryl Hurley Suzuki, 58
8. Ryan Clark Yamaha, 45
9. Mike Brown Yamaha, 43
10. Andrew Short Suzuki, 33
Results - 125cc AMA West Supercross Series 125cc:
1. Ivan Tedesco Kawasaki
2. Travis Preston Honda
3. Stephan Roncada Kawasaki
4. Nathan Ramsey Honda
5. Andrew Short Suzuki
6. Troy Adams Kawasaki
7. Ryan Morais KTM
8. Brock Sellards Yamaha
9. Greg Schnell Yamaha
10. Joshua Summey Yamaha
125cc AMA West Supercross Series 125cc championship standings:
1. Ivan Tedesco Kawasaki, 75
2. Stephan Roncada Kawasaki, 62
3. Travis Preston Honda, 55
4. Andrew Short Suzuki, 52
5. Nathan Ramsey Honda, 50
6. Brock Sellards Yamaha, 43
7. Greg Schnell Yamaha, 38
8. Troy Adams Kawasaki, 32
9. Christopher Gosselaar Honda, 26
10. Joshua Summey Yamaha, 26



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