That's why he will mentor 12-year-old Brent van Doninck, one of Belgium's most outstanding motocross talents, as he embarks on his racing career. KTM will also support Brent through sponsorship.

Everts has the depth of experience that gives him a keen eye for talent spotting. He has been watching the young Brent develop over a period of time during various training sessions at his motocross school in Spain.

Convinced that he is looking at a potential champion, Everts has decided to mentor him to ensure the young Belgian has the opportunity to exploit what he describes as his "extreme measure of potential". Everts should know. He is a living legend on the world motocross competition circuit. He won all there was to win in grand prix competition, before, in 2007, taking on the role of team manager at KTM.

"I believe Brent has an extreme measure of talent," said Everts. "The idea of supporting him in this way is not about pushing him in a certain direction. What we want to do is to give him the opportunity to develop his natural talent. If he goes on to be a champion, which I believe he has the skills to do, he will do it with our support, but at his own pace/"

van Doninck lives in Herentals, not far from Antwerp. In 2008 he will be getting a taste of top class competition with two races in the European Junior Championship series and one race in the World Junior Championships. He will also ride in the Dutch National Championship and the ADAC Championship in Germany.

Everts has gone one step further in his desire to assist what he is convinced is one of tomorrow's best talents. He has organized sponsorship support from leading companies who will lend practical and above all, psychological support to the young rider. KTM heads the list, which also includes IS, Acerbis, SIDI, HGS Exhaust Systems, Lazer, Ariete, Motorex, Tommaselli and Twin-air.



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