Youthstream president Giuseppe Luongo and FIM/CMS president Dr. Wolfgang Srb have commented on the recently announced 2009 Motocross grand prix calendar.

The MX1 and MX2 series will grow by a further two rounds in 2009, for a total of 17 events, with four new grands prix present compared with the 2008 schedule.

Joining the line-up will be a Turkish GP at Istanbul, a Latvian GP at Kegums, a Brazilian GP at Canelinha and a US GP at a 'to be announced' venue. Meanwhile, Ireland has lost its place on the calendar, whilst Italy will host one round instead of two.

"It is clear that if we want our sports to reach a new level, touch new fans and bring new riders it is fundamental to go to all the growing economical markets all over the world, aside from the USA and Europe the countries that sell the most bikes are China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil and many other Asian countries," said Luongo.

"Looking at the Formula 1 and MotoGP calendars we see clearly the tendency and direction of the future. It is our duty to follow the development of the world motorcycle market and give the possibility to fans from all over the world to not only be able to follow our sport on TV, internet and via magazines but also to give them the possibility to be present at the events.

"We thank FIM for their clear vision in this direction, and to approve and support our work. The calendars have now been presented and we are sure 2009 will be another year of great success and we hope also in the future to continue with these improvements," he concluded.

"I am very excited about the 2009 calendars that Youthstream has presented to the FIM Congress," stated Dr. Srb. "Top venues have been chosen to stage the prestigious events of the best Off-Road Championships in the world.

"Our premier series, MX1/2 will visit three continents, including Europe, North and South America as well as Africa. This is a very important step towards a really global FIM Motocross World Championship. 17 events will decide about the best riders on the planet.

"The highlight of the season will be without any doubt the FIM Motocross of Nations, staged in Franciacorta, Italy," he added.



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