One of the leading figures in Women's world motocross championship, Katherine Prumm, was given good cause for optimism after a successful seven-hour operation to repair three broken vertebrae earlier this week.

The 20-year-old New Zealander is now facing a six month period of recuperation and rehabilitation.

Prumm damaged her T6, T9 and T12 in a practice accident last week and the subsequent surgical procedure involved reparation through her back and extensive work to fix the tendons surrounding the troublesome and most seriously affected area around the T12.

Fortunately, Prumm has full feeling and use of her legs and can look ahead to recovery after being fitted with a custom-made brace for her torso that must be worn for three months.

After the shock of the accident and the aftermath - in which she briefly lost sensation in her limbs - the post-op news and perspective at last provided some much needed hope for the racer.

"Somebody was watching over me, I was really lucky not to be paralysed and I am looking forward to getting fit and strong and to being back where I want to be," said the Yamaha rider.



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