The magic number in the Olympic Games is 191, which is the number of gold medals that are up for grabs. My magic number in the final seven grands prix of the season is 175 which is the number of 125cc World Championship points which are available and I can't wait to get started because time has really started to drag in the last week of the summer break.

When you enjoy what you do as much as I do the novelty of the summer break soon wears off and I can assure you all us can't wait for that first practice session on Friday morning at Brno in the Czech Republic. When you have not ridden the bike for five weeks it takes a bit of dialling in to get adjusted to the speed and pace but it should not be a problem by the end of that first session.

The great thing is that I'm at last one hundred per cent fit and I'm back to full training. The ankle is back to full strength and I'm working hard to get both legs to equal strength. I've ridden a few times on my Motocross bike but it's not the same and nothing like the real thing of racing.

I've been training in Italy with the team and have also spent loads of time cycling to get ready for the second part of the season. Cycling weekly is doing a big feature about how I use cycling for training and comparing it to riding in a grand prix. In-Gear Cycles have given me a real trick Tricross cycle-cross bike to use which is really good fun but I want to stop peddling for a while and get back to some throttle twisting on that Polaris World Aprilia.

We had a great family holiday in Dawlish although I did manage to get in a few miles cycling on Dartmoor but this was a time for the family and we had some great football matches on the beach and also a bit of rock climbing. Nobody actually ventured into the sea but last week I put on a wet suit and for the first time went surfing down in Newquay. I managed to get to the basic level and stand up on the board but I can tell you it was still very cold.

I was really pleased to repay a favour last weekend when I went to the Open Day at Kings Two Wheel Centre in Kidlington. Steve Polden and the boys got me into road racing all those years ago and so I have a lot to thank them for.

I've heard that the Brno circuit has been resurfaced which should be interesting. It's an unbelievable place to race with nearly a quarter of a million fans packing the circuit and the surrounding hillsides for the weekend last year. The track with that long uphill drag to the start and finish line and the fast chicanes should really suit my Aprilia.

It's the start of the second half of the season and every day in that five week break I've sorted out my objectives and unidentified what I've got to do in these next seven races.

175 world championship points up for grabs and how I would love to start with the first 25 in the Czech Republic on Sunday. It would be like winning one of those 191 Olympic gold medals.


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