IRTA president Herve Poncharal has revealed what was and wasn't proposed, regarding future MotoGP engine rules, during the Grand Prix Commission meeting held at the Valencia season finale.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with, Poncharal explained:

"In Valencia, and this had already been prepared a bit during the Australian and Malaysian Grands Prix, Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna and chairman of the Grand Prix Commission, brought to the table the following concept:

"We would like, from 2012 - which will be the next term linking Dorna, FIM and everyone else in MotoGP - to go to 1000cc engines and four-cylinders.

"That was the idea brought by Dorna, fully supported by IRTA, and put on the table at the Grand Prix Commission, which consists of FIM, MSMA [manufacturers], Dorna and IRTA [teams].

"Carmelo had already had some discussions with the manufacturers involved in MotoGP, and this concept was quite well received. Now there will be another Grand Prix Commission meeting, in Geneva on the 11th of December, when we will hear a bit more from the MSMA about what they think.

"So the only thing we can say at the moment is that we have had positive feedback from the FIM and MSMA, about the concept brought by Dorna and supported by IRTA, which is: 1000cc, four-cylinders. That is all I can say."

But since 1000cc four-cylinder engines are already used by the Japanese brands for their mass-produced Superbikes (and Ducati has the limited-edition Desmosedici RR), it didn't take long for reports to suggest that MotoGP is heading for a cut-price future of modified production engines within a prototype chassis.

Poncharal insists that was not part of the Valencia proposal.

"Everybody who is saying there will be an engine coming from production and this and this and this - all that is only talking," he said. "And nobody talked about [bringing back] 990 either. All that we know is that the proposal is for 1000cc and four cylinders. Nothing else was discussed."

But Poncharal does believe big changes need to be made in MotoGP (see part two)...


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