With the MotoGP season approaching it's halfway stage at Donington Park on Sunday, here's a 'school report' on how the riders have fared so far - in terms of results, behaviour, attendance and dress code!

MotoGP 500 - Class of 2001.


Young Rossi certainly started the season well with those wins in Japan,
South Africa and Spain - but has shown a worrying lack of concentration in other races and especially at Mugello. There is no doubt he has both the ability and determination to win the title but matters not connected to his work must not distract him.

Massimiliano has shown great concentration in his last few races and is working better than he ever has since joining the 500cc class. He is full of confidence since his win at Assen and will be looking to give young Rossi something to think about when he's lying on the beach during the five week summer holiday. The next two races in England and Germany are vital for him.

Loris may not have won a race this year but he never gives up. He's also been very unlucky with the weather it rained in Mugello and Assen ruining his chances of ultimate victory. He is surely going to win some races this season and must not get disheartened.

Abe, despite that long hair, has shown great maturity this season scoring points in every round until his unfortunate accident in Assen. He must still work on his qualifying although he has improved this year.

Shinya is without a doubt the politest boy in the class and has switched from the junior school (MotoGP 250) to the seniors with no problems. He has amazed everybody in qualifying but has still to transfer those qualifying performances to the races although his joint fourth place in the championship with Abe is a tremendous achievement.

Barros is the most experienced boy in the class and that was reflected in his magnificent victory in the rain at Mugello. He is the only person to beat young Rossi and Massimiliano this year and he will surely do it again before the end of the season.

Alex Criville was the head boy in 1999 but since then has found life a little difficult. However, there are signs he's finding his feet again but was unlucky to crash in Assen. I would not be surprised to see him win a grand prix this season.

Ukawa like Shinya has adjusted well to Senior school. He still crashes too much but that is due to him putting so much effort into his work. Tohru will score plenty more points during the second half of the term.

Sete has suddenly found his feet with his new team and actually is in front of his team-mate, the current head boy Kenny Roberts. Sete could really blossom in the second half of the term.

Head boy Kenny Junior has had a tough time. It's hard for him competing on a machine that is not as competitive as some of his class-mates. This has resulted in a couple of uncharacteristic crashes. Kenny, like his Dad who is a former pupil, is a fighter and will not give up but it's a big test of character for him.


Sadly the standard of behaviour has not been good in the first half of the term with young Rossi and Massimiliano causing the school governors plenty of problems.

They started misbehaving on the school trip to Japan where in front of the television cameras they were involved in a barging match which was followed by a particularly rude salute by young Rossi, which caused older female members of the teaching staff great embarrassment.

Despite warning about this type of behaviour there was another incident involving the two of them behind the bicycle sheds in Barcelona where blows were exchanged.

Since then both boys have been to see the headmaster who made it clear they will be banned from at least one school trip if there is a repeat of these incidents.


Generally attendance has been good with sick notes being produced for boys missing class.

Junior School head boy Olivier Jacque has had a particularly tough time reverting to the Seniors but he has been on the last two school trips and is really looking to the second half of the term

The whole school has missed our Australian friend McCoy but he hopes to return to school in the next couple of weeks. After his outstanding work last year we are all looking forward to his return.

Young Haslam is the youngest boy ever we've had in the senior school and it was a shame he had to miss three trips. He showed on his return in Holland last week what a prospect he is for the school and even a possible head boy of the future.

Dress code

Dress code has been good although young Rossi decided to design his own school uniform for our trip to Italy. He has assured us this was a one off exercise to please his cousins in Hawaii and that it will not happen again.

We have been particularly impressed with the new boys from West Honda Pons for their uniform design based on their experience gained from the famous Formula One School.

Special mention

There have been plenty of heroic deeds during the first half of the term but the efforts of former primary school head boy Haruchika Aoki deserve a special mention. His victory in the second leg at Mugello in the pouring rain is an example to everybody.


A very good first half of the term but we will be keeping an eye on young Rossi and Massimiliano during the second half. It would be a sad day for the school if either of them had to miss a trip because of bad behaviour!


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