With the MotoGP season approaching the halfway stage at round eight of the 16-round championship at Donington Park this Sunday, it's time for the half term 'school report' for the class of 2002.

MotoGP Class

Head boy Rossi Junior has shown great concentration this term and his hard work in the winter holidays has really paid off. Unlike some times last year, he has concentrated the whole time and looks certain to retain his head boy's badge on the final school trip of the year to Valencia.

One of our many Japanese pupils, Ukawa-san has been a good friend to Rossi throughout the year and in our special South Africa exam came out with full marks for the first time since joining the Senior School. His hard work in the winter has also paid off. His only black mark was on our Japanese trip when he went missing in the rain.

Young Carlos has moved to the north-east of England and despite the weather and rumours that he may have drunk some warm beer he's beginning to show real promise. It's been hard for him after so much hard work in the winter but good test results in Japan, Catalunya, Holland and with a structured revision programme in place, we are expecting great things in the second half of the term.

It's been a good couple of weeks for Barros, one of our oldest pupils. Not only did he work so hard to finish with the second highest marks in the Dutch test, but his football team Brazil won the World Cup. He really enjoyed going on an exchange trip to the Honda School in Japan a couple of weeks ago, where they went on a school outing to the Brazil/England World Cup quarter final.

Massimiliano was very unhappy at the start of term and we thought about sending him to Matron for some pills to cheer him up. However, his spirits have picked up considerably over the last few weeks and that has been reflected in his test results. Like young Carlos, we are expecting good things and at least one top mark in the remaining eight exams this season.

Capirossi is an example to the rest of the school. It's been a tough term for him, but he's never given up. No wonder he had so much success at both primary and junior school. Sadly for the whole school, he will be forced to miss at least two exams following problems in Holland. He will be missed by everybody and we hope Matron can get him back to his desk very soon.

Glad to see Norick at last got his hair cut. Started the term very well, especially in Spain, but is finding the going tough at the moment . We know he is capable of good work and expect him to start finishing near the top in the next few exams.

Kato-san came to the senior class as head boy from the Junior School. Despite his ability to sleep at every opportunity when not working, he adjusted well to his new surroundings. However, after enjoying the Spanish sunshine, he's struggled with the new syllabus and we will be looking for an improvement before the summer holiday start at the end of July.

Former head boy Roberts Junior did not have a happy term last year. He's much happier this term because he can see a way through his problems, although he still has a long way to go if he's going to repeat his success of 2000. Like his father, one of our favourite old boys, he will not give up the fight and we expect to see that improvement continue throughout the term.

It was good to welcome back our French cousin Monsieur Laconi, who'd been at the Comprehensive School for the last year. His year away certainly benefited his grammar school education and his hard work is paying off.

New boys

Young Hopkins from America has impressed us all. We knew little about him when he arrived, but he quickly settled. Already he looks likely to be a very important member of the school for many years to come. We are told there are at least a couple more from the same American school who could be joining us in the next two years. If they are as good and conscientious as young Hopkins, they will be very welcome.


We are happy to report that the standard of behaviour has greatly improved after the disgraceful scenes behind the bicycle sheds in Barcelona last year between Rossi Junior and Massimiliano. It appears that the threat of expulsion for both pupils has made them see sense.

Unfortunately, the behaviour of people outside the school gates has been very poor. These acts have sometimes put our pupils in danger and we take a very dim view of it.


Generally, as last year, attendance has been good with sick notes being produced for pupils missing lessons.

Capirossi will be absent for the next two exams, but his place in class will be taken by Hofmann, who impressed staff with his standard of work during the last two exams.

Our Australian friend, Garry McCoy, will have a lot of catching up again. He's missed most of the term and we are all looking forward to his return next week.

Monsieur Bayle made a brief return to the school and we hope to see him again.

Dress code

An improvement on last year, although we had to stop Barros from continually wearing that football shirt because it upset some of the other pupils.

It was also pleasing to note that both Norick and Rossi Junior had their hair cut, although it took a note to Rossi's mother to have the desired affect. Rossi father, another old boy from the school, has followed his son's example which will be appreciated at Parents Day this term.

Special mention

Both McWilliams and Aoki deserve praise for their considerable efforts during the term. They may not have scored too many marks, but their efforts have been noted by the headmaster and the rest of the staff. Also their efforts to keep the social life of the school alive, especially in Italy this year, have been appreciated by both pupils and members of staff.


A very promising start to the new term, although it would be good for the school if somebody was to challenge Rossi Junior a little more in the exams.


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