by Peter McLaren

Ducati has announced that they will produce a limited edition road legal version of their Desmosedici MotoGP prototype, ready for 2006.

The new machine, to be called the 'Desmosedici RR', will carry a price tag of around 50,000 euros (around 10,000 euros more than a Petronas FP-1) and apparently feature near identical frame, carbon fibre fairing and V4 engine as the GP racer.

However, given that Harris WCM were prevented from racing for much of last season because their engine design was deemed too similar to an existing road bike, will the Desmosedici (or any other MotoGP machine) remain a 'prototype' if a road version is produced?

It probably will, since the Desmosedici appeared in MotoGP first and the race version will have been further developed - or even replaced - by the road bike launch. Nevertheless, the previous line drawn between Superbike (for production based road bikes) and MotoGP (for radical 'one off' racing machines) will still have been blurred.

Indeed, providing sufficient road versions are produced, could the Desmosedici also enter WSBK in 2006?



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