The Losail circuit will boast the most cutting-edge facilities ever enjoyed by MotoGP but the track itself is the only part that will make any impact on the result of the race and the overall championship battle.

At 5.4km Losail is of a greater length than most MotoGP venues, and certainly few existing tracks feature quite so many corners, and in such endless varieties.

To their eternal credit the track designers have avoided the adoption of rhythm-disrupting chicanes, yet have managed to make the layout of the circuit fascinating on paper.

Several high-speed corners, plus two tighter hairpins, make Losail a circuit of contrasts. Six left and ten right hand corners are laid on top of a largely flat surface, removing at least one complication to the machine's set-up.

The true nature of Losail will only reveal itself during the first practice sessions, but the relatively fast corners that abound around the track will require stability from chassis and suspension set-up.

The fact that the track will demand an almost constant alteration of machine direction and lean angle adds another requirement - agility when flicking from side-to-side.

The last corner and the first, both right handers, will be preceded by exceptionally heavy braking, but these are expected to be the only places at which such severe braking forces will be generated.



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