By Peter McLaren

MotoGP riders may live a lifestyle envied by many, but for Blata WCM's James Ellison at least, the off-season meant the chance for a second job - working on a building site.

"It has been pretty busy (off-season), I got a job on a building site for a few months up until the day before Christmas Eve," Ellison told "But I couldn't do enough training really; I was cycling to work and back and doing a bit of mountain biking at night - it just wasn't enough.

"So I had to finish work and concentrate purely - from towards the end of December up until now - on mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing... I bought a Motocross bike last month just to get me ready for the season, and I'll probably sell that soon - the plan was to build myself up for the start of the season and then get rid of it in case something (bad) happens," he added.

Fortunately, with WCM's new for 2005 partnership with Czech manufacturer Blata - which will soon result in a V6 MotoGP machine - Ellison isn't expecting his team to be facing any form of financial worries.

"You've just got to stay out of the politics of it and how much people are earning and how much teams have got compared to other teams and just get on with the bike. If the bike is competitive then you know you can do your job," he began, when asked about budgets.

"I think the V6 is going to be competitive when it does come out and all I can do really is just get on it and ride it as fast as I can - and just forget about everything else. It doesn't matter how much money anybody has got.

"But I think the team this year has got a pretty good budget anyway, with the Czech government and quite a few sponsors coming on board. So I don't think we'll be stuck for money really," the reigning BSB Cup Champion explained.

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