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It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, if you happen to be at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey CA for the inaugural Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix MotoGP weekend.

Sunday's weather has started out to be the best of the whole weekend, with sunny skies and little breeze. For those braving the early hours to beat the traffic into the track, there were scattered clouds with pink-tinged sun rays. It beats Saturday morning's typical Monterey Bay 'marine layer of fog' which blanketed in the morning and late afternoon hours.

Fearing the worst in the way of traffic jams, I left the motel at 6am and by 6:15am was already parked. A far cry from Saturday evening's congested trek out of the County Park facility. Fortunately, I was carpooling with someone who knew his way around and we found a road out of the track and beat the hundreds of cars and motorcycles slowly inching down the several hilly roads.

NICKY HAYDEN of Owensboro KY was again fastest for MotoGP, in the Sunday morning warm-up. His two brothers did well soon after, finishing first and third in AMA Supersport Qualifying. Older brother, TOMMY/Kawasaki Motors Corp is on pole with a 1:27.727, and younger ROGER/Kawasaki Motor Corp. ran second before ending up third overall behind JASON DiSALVO/Yamaha Motor Corp.

Following Supersport Qualifying, the Hayden brothers then raced in the AMA Superstock Race. Tommy was leading until he tumbled after being hit by a lapped rider. No further information on his condition is known, but almost before he stopped tumbling the medical response crew was there. Roger finished third.

AARON YATES/American Suzuki won in a thrilling race with JASON DiSALVO/Graves Yamaha with a last minute pass by DiSalvo and repass by Yates, within sight of the chequered flag.

Yamaha is making a splash in the paddock, all weekend and especially on Sunday, with its new, one of a kind retro livery celebrating the Yamaha fiftieth anniversary. All weekend long the MotoGP Yamaha Factory Racing team (VALENTINO ROSSI and COLIN EDWARDS) have worn the familiar yellow and black 'Yamaha strobe' graphics and livery on everything. And the AMA Superstock and Supersports teams (DAMON BUCKMASTER, JASON DiSALVO, JAMIE HACKING and AARON GOBERT) wore the bumblebee colors just for the day.

It may have been an expensive undertaking, converting all clothing, equipment, rider's suits and motorcycles for the one day/weekend, but Yamaha was pumped up about its motorcycle history. In the past Yamaha had run EDDIE LAWSON and KENNY ROBERTS, among others.

SCRAMP (Sports Car Racing Association of Monterey Peninsula) General Manager, GILL CAMPBELL, was more than pleased at how the weekend has been going. She said this was the first year of a five-year contract, and "we have to go through it once to know what to do in the future. It is a work in progress." There have been huge crowds - 40,500 on Friday, and it's gone well so far. The racing has been safe, and despite a few tumbles, there haven't been any riders transported.

Looking after the MotoGP riders all the time, and all the AMA riders this weekend is CLAUDIO MACCHIAGODENA, DORNA Medical Director. The Clinica Mobile was established in 1975 by CLAUDIO COSTA. Macchiagodena has been working with the Clinica since 1977 and has been Medical Director for the past 15 years.

He has seen it evolve from one small Clinic, through eight evolutions to its current configuration with eight beds and all the necessary medical facilities. Because of its size and the logistics involved, the actual Clinic Mobile didn't travel to the United States.

Here at Laguna the medical facilities are divided into two buildings-one inside the paddock and one outside Turn Eleven. The inside building has three beds. This weekend there are three other doctors including the one American doctor who travels with the Clinica - DR. DON DISHMAN of Florida.

For this weekend, the track Chief Medical Officer is DR. ARTHUR TING, who is a local orthopedic surgeon. His practice includes many motorcycle riders, including MICK DOOHAN of Australia, who has broken more bones than one would like to know.

Among the Medical Director's responsibilities at each track include determining where all the emergency coverage will be located. Macchiagodena has motorized medical mules on each corner at Laguna where an ambulance can't fit. Up at the Corkscrew, there are emergency vehicles on both sides of the track.



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