How do you judge Jack Miller?

"We've seen in the past that he's been a little bit inconsistent and struggling to find his feet, but this year even his work ethic has impressed me. He's been trying really hard on and off the circuit. Because you can't just go to enjoy yourself off the track and arrive at the track and expect to be fast for the whole race.

"So fitness-wise it looks to be a lot better and the last race at Le Mans was really, really impressive from both the Pramac riders. We can maybe see him get stronger and stronger throughout the season and maybe pushing for the podium."

Who should Honda replace Pedrosa with, if he leaves?

"Good question. No idea. You can take a risk on young rider, or you can keep Dani. It's really complicated."

Would you put Iannone there?

"No, if you put Iannone there, already he and Marc don’t have such a good relationship. So you don't put somebody like that with the number one rider.

"Realistically you either [keep Dani or] take a chance on a young rider, which we haven't seen enough coming from Moto3, Moto2 into MotoGP since Marc really impressed enough to go straight to the front and be in the Repsol team.

"But it's for sure complicated for them to decide what to do."

What do you expect from Dovizioso this year?

"We've already seen what to expect from Andrea, but Le Mans wasn't the best situation and in Jerez he was really unlucky. Without that he could either be leading championship or very close.

"Because in Jerez I think it was almost guaranteed he could arrive in second place. And in Le Mans he had a good chance to win or come second. This didn't happen for these reasons of course, but without that he's looking to be even stronger than last year.

"So hopefully we can continue in this way and if he starts to win some more races, put some pressure on the other guys in the championship and maybe they can make some mistakes. But he can only try and win races now."

Do you ever think what would happen if you had taken on Marc?

"Not really. I mean there's lots of races that without a doubt Marc is willing to take more risks than me and I wouldn't do what he does in the last laps. I was always the one to sit back and let everybody sort of play their part and I would take the risks when I felt they were necessary. And he's happy to do that every week.

"But there are races that I know we would have been at the front, been able to pull a gap at the start of the race and maybe put the pressure on him to make a mistake. I know that we would have been able to beat him in some races because Andrea can, Lorenzo has, Valentino has, Dani has.

"So he's not unbeatable, but he's sure doing a very good job this year. He's consistently there and the guy to beat each year and the rest of the category needs to learn; don’t try to beat him at his own game. You need to do your own thing and find other ways to do it."

Is Petrucci ready to step into the factory team?

"It's hard because Danilo has been doing a great job, even as far as some development work for Ducati. Putting things on his bike before even they come into the factory team and he's done a fantastic job.

"But Danilo's weakness is sometimes on dry tracks, pushing for the victory and on podium one week, and sometimes struggling the next week. But this year seems to be a lot better, he seems to be working on those weaknesses.

"He seems to be working harder on his fitness level as well and he's doing a fantastic job. So I think, with what he's done in the past, he deserves to have a chance for sure."

Do you ever miss racing?

"For me it's nice to come for one or two weekends a year and get to enjoy it. It's a little difficult, I don't have a place to go, a truck or motorhome to get away for some time. But in general it's always nice to be here, see old faces and catch up with a few people."

How is life with three girls at home?

"Busy! Honestly, fantastic. The youngest one smiles 70% of the day. My eldest is going to school and learning different things every single. So you come home and are always surprised at what she's learned.

"So it's a pretty incredible time at the moment."



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