Q: Did you expect a second consecutive victory for Lorenzo?

Carlos Checa: “I thought Lorenzo’s victory would have come last season. That was not the case, and it was a great disappointment for both the factory and for him. It’s too bad that the results have come right at the moment when Ducati have decided not to continue with him. 

"But nobody expected him to do what he did. If he had, Ducati would have trusted in him and waited a little longer -until Brno for example- to be able to decide. I don’t know what will happen from here on. Now the circuits are a little more difficult for both him and his bike, so I’m sure we will see more open races, with more riders aspiring to win.”

Q: How do you rate Márquez’s attitude of securing second place after seeing that he could not reach Jorge?

Carlos Checa: “Marc [Márquez] is one of the best riders and one of the most skilled at the moment. At Barcelona he still had the mistake from Mugello on his mind, so second place was the smartest and most correct move - since trying to catch Lorenzo, who is currently out of the title fight, would have been a mistake. This gives Marc a degree of maturity superior to that which he had in previous years.”

Q: Dani Pedrosa has gone 16 consecutive years with at least 1 victory. what can you say about the numbers of a rider you competed alongside? (Pedrosa, who will be replaced by Jorge Lorenzo at Repsol Honda next season, is rumoured to be joining a new satellite Yamaha team - Crash.net)

Carlos Checa: “Dani is a great rider, but maybe his physique limits him a bit in this class. He has always been very fast, but injuries have not allowed him to have a complete enough year to obtain a title. 

"Even so, having Dani is a guarantee for any brand, because he will always be at the front and is a great worker. Right now he is doing a great job with Marc, although perhaps having him alongside has left him in the background during the last few years.”

Q: The next round is at Assen, a fast and technical track. what do you think we’ll see there?

Carlos Checa: “Anything can happen. We will see what conditions the circuit provides, but in the dry Lorenzo and the Ducati can be very strong. Márquez will also be at the front and the Yamaha works well in Holland; it is a circuit that is good for Valentino [Rossi]. We don’t know what could happen with the rest of the riders that have a chance for victory.”

Q: Who do you think will make up the top three at the end of the season?

Carlos Checa: “I see Marc [Márquez] being the winner of the MotoGP title this year. Second, if nothing changes, will probably be Valentino Rossi. I have doubts about who to put in third place; Right now, Lorenzo, although if he continues like he has been, he could even take second.”


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