Malaysian MotoGP – Asia Talent Cup rider knocked off over the line

After a thrilling climax to the Malaysia MotoGP which saw Valentino Rossi crash out while leading Marc Marquez with five laps to go, arguably the most dramatic action followed just over an hour later in a dramatic finale to the Asia Talent Cup championship.

Race two at Sepang saw Danial Syahmi Sharil battle for victory in the final race of the season against Haruki Noguchi with the two side-by-side in the sprint to the chequered flag out of the final corner.

Noguchi cut across his rival and barged him off which sent Sharil down to slide over the finish line not touching his bike. As sporting rules stipulated, a rider must be in contact with their bike over the finish line meaning Sharil was officially an unclassified finisher despite crossing the line in second place – a rule which has been officially changed by the FIM Commission for 2019.

Sharil was involved in a nasty collision following his off as the rest of his Asia Talent Cup riders sprinted to the finish, while Noguchi was given a post-race time penalty for irresponsible riding which dropped him down to 12th in the final results.

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