How did you find qualifying?

Broc Parkes:
It was pretty good, everyday we've gone quicker and quicker. In qualifying our tactic was two tyres and the first tyre we went really well on but on the second one I caught up with some other riders that I was trying to get a tow off but he stopped. Honestly, I didn't get the ultimate from the tyre and I think that I could have gone a little bit better but I'm learning every lap and I'm starting to understand the style that you need to ride this bike. At the moment though I'm about where I expected, in the middle of the CRT battle, against the Aprilia and Avintia bikes. Yesterday we were in front of them but today we missed out to two of them.
How are feeling about making your MotoGP debut tomorrow?

Broc Parkes:
It's awesome and I'm really enjoying being out and riding against these guys on track. It's amazing to see how these guys are pushing the limits and the riding styles. It's amazing how much it has changed and pushed on over the last few years so I'm trying to follow them and learn.

I felt that yesterday I made a big step in that I could follow and learn from these guys. I had a few laps on Redding and Bautista yesterday and the Honda guys and their styles is quite different because they pick the bike up a lot more and stop it mid-corner. I felt that I was running a little too much corner speed and that in braking I was braking too much so now I'm trying to be smoother and get on the power really early mid-corner and carry the corner speed. I found a second once I had that flow.
How tough is it to make the jump from Superbikes to MotoGP level?

Broc Parkes:
I don't feel a massive difference from a top level Superbike and my GP bike. It's basically the tyres that take a lot to get your head around. Being able to brake so late and put so much force through the tyres and still have so much grip means that your lines are so different and you have to get off the brakes and onto the power so much earlier than what I was used to in Superbikes. But I like this style and hopefully when I get my head around it I'll get better.
How are you settling into the team?

Broc Parkes:
It's pretty good but it's a lot smaller than I expected; we're kind of a one man band at the moment! But we'll have a talk with Paul to try and get some help because it's quite small and we could do with one or two people more but they're all a top bunch of guys. Paul is putting in everything to be here and he gave me this opportunity to be here and I'm taking it all hands on. I'll try and get the best results with what we've got but it's going to be difficult because we'll always be towards the back but if we can win the 'CRT' battle that will be a big privilege.
Six months ago did you think you'd be here?

Broc Parkes:
Definitely not, twelve months ago I was without a job and sitting at home in Australia when Yamaha Australia called and I got the Endurance job and some WSBK wildcards. Six months ago I definitely didn't think that I'd be here and I'm the only Australian so I've got to the fly the flag in MotoGP and if I can do a good job hopefully I'll get another shot next year.



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