You made it through to Q2 today, how was the bike?

Nicky Hayden
We slowly made a couple of improvements today on a couple of different things. It's all about finding the balance here. The track changes a lot in the afternoon so things that aren't perfect [in the morning] you setup thinking about the afternoon and the team did a good job. Obviously getting through to Q2 was the big target and we were able to do that but I'm not completely happy because I don't love the front tyre situation.

I destroyed a set of leathers from saving two crashes on the hard tyre and the soft is way too soft so I only had one spec of front tyre. By the time I got into Q2 I didn't have any new front tyres so I had to use the same front tyre in Q2 because I had used two new softs in Q1. In the fast corners in Q2 it was pushing a lot so I'm not thrilled because I thought at this track I had an opportunity to maybe outqualify a couple of Factory bikes whereas in Argentina that was more or less impossible.

Here I think it was possible and with the time that I did in Q1 I would have been in front of a few guys so I'm a little bit bummed by that because being up even one row would have been much better for tomorrow. None the less the bike is working OK and I'll try and have some fun tomorrow.
Does it give you encouragement to see this progress or do you think is it just that this type of circuit masks some of the problems with the bike?

Nicky Hayden:
For sure this track helps us so it's unfortunate that we'll have to wait until Assen for another track with these kind of long corners but it is what it is.
What's the target for tomorrow?

Nicky Hayden:
It's going to be tough. We saw this morning that I was 1.2s off Marquez which isn't a lot on a 1m40s laptime but even that was only good enough for 17th so I think tomorrow is going to be a long race and we'll see a lot of guys putting it in the gravel tomorrow so I'll try and stay on and fight with some Factory riders which is going to be extremely tough. I know that we've got a big job to do tomorrow but I'm up for it.
How tough is the track when it heats up? Under heavy braking it looked like a lot of riders were struggling to find a good balance in the qualifying session.

Nicky Hayden:
The last corner has got a lot of used pavement, especially because of the cars, so you don't have a lot of grip on the front but the track is really hot. It's 53C which is really hot but it's the same for everybody and normal conditions so it's a good challenge.

You don't want too much grip, in the rear with the extra soft I had really good rear grip but with this bike there isn't enough power in the long corners and I wish that I had a little bit less [grip] sometimes so that I could finish the corner.

In the last qualifying the front tyre went away and it was pushing the front a few times so I tried to grab a big handful to slide out of turn four but it just hooked up and pushed the front even more so in some places we need slightly less or more power.



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