Coming into MotoGP as the Moto2 champion there was a lot of expectations. What were your own expectations for the year?

Pol Espargaro:
After the Malaysian tests I thought that the championship would be difficult because I saw there that to make one lap time wasn't really difficult, but to make 20 lap times in a race was very difficult. You need a lot of experience and you need to know the bike perfectly.

I thought that was difficult and in Qatar I had some problems because I started with a collarbone injury and it wasn't my best weekend. It was a difficult start to the season because of the collarbone injury.
What advice did your brother Aleix [Forward Yamaha] give you before the start of the season?

Pol Espargaro:
His advice was just to take your time because when you crash with this bike it's not the same as in Moto2 because the speeds are much higher and you feel underneath the leather and the gloves that one crash and you can hurt everything and you feel that the speed is very high.

Aleix told me that I need to take my time and be careful with the carbon discs because the difference between the normal discs and the carbon discs is very big. He said to try and understand the electronics because it's so important and I tried in Malaysia to understand it, but I'm still learning it.
What was the biggest thing for you to learn? The tyres, the brakes, the electronics or is it just a combination?

Pol Espargaro:
It was different parts at different times. In the beginning my target was to learn the carbon discs and the tyres but now I think that the most important, and the most difficult, is the electronics. The traction control, the anti-wheelie and everything else is really important to these bikes and you realise that in the middle of the race you need to learn a bit more about these systems.
Even now nearing the end of the season are you learning a lot every time you go out on track?

Pol Espargaro:
When we finish the GP and have a test on the Monday where we can try something different, some other setting, you realise that you have made a mistake. So you think that with maybe a bit more experience you wouldn't have made that mistake.

That helps for next year because you know that when something happens you need to do something else to improve. Also when you go to the next race that you're more confident with the bike and everything is easier and more natural.
Is it still tough to roll out in FP1 on a track where all of your reference points are so different compared to the Moto2 bike?

Pol Espargaro:
Yes, especially at the fast tracks where there are heavy braking zones and there isn't a lot of references to know when to brake. The fast tracks are also difficult to know where to turn the bike and when to open the throttle because you don't know if you're going fast or not. To learn how to do that is really difficult and I try on my first run to be behind someone so that I can see the line and see where they open the throttle and start braking so that I can get more information faster, but the first day is really difficult.
What has been the toughest circuit so far?

Pol Espargaro:
The Czech Republic [Brno] was really difficult for me. I don't know why but to ride fast there was really difficult and Jerez was also really difficult for me too. In the Czech Republic you have so many fast corners and you have to release the brakes and it's the opposite to my normal style.
What was the high point of the year so far?

Pol Espargaro:
Le Mans was a good weekend for us. Not just because of the race but the whole weekend we were fast. We did a good race and fought with the top guys and I really enjoyed that race. It was a fast race because when you're in the front groups you don't realise that the laps are going by and then you check your board and see that there are two laps left. We did a good race and a good weekend that was really smooth and comfortable.
For the rest of the season, what races are you looking forward to?

Pol Espargaro:
I want to see how I am in Philip Island. I love the track, the place and the weather. Last year I was really fast there and I won the race in 2012 and I think that was my best race ever. Marquez won the championship at that race but we were really fast there and I enjoyed it a lot. I've won there the last two years and I want to ride there on the MotoGP bike.
You mentioned Marc and fighting with him for the title. Last year it was you and Scott for the championship. When you look at those two riders what do you see in them as competitors?

Pol Espargaro:
Marc is doing really good and it's impressive what he is doing and everything is perfect for him right now. Scott needs to be on a good bike and we can't really compare him to the others and it's not fair to compare him because I'm sure that he can do much better on a good bike next year. Right now Marquez is perfect and Scott is doing really good too.
What has been the reaction in Spain to you this year? Have you seen a big change in how people react to you?

Pol Espargaro:
I think that when you're in MotoGP, you're on the TV without the helmet more and you have more events away from the tracks where people can see you. When you're in Moto2 you can win races and a championship but you're always in leathers and a helmet. So in MotoGP that changes and you go to more places and more interviews so the people can know you more.
You're living in Andorra now, how have you found moving out of the family house and living on your own?

Pol Espargaro:
I found a wonderful place and I love it. It was really good in Spain and in my home but I think that for me, and any guy whose life is riding motorcycles, it's perfect in Andorra. You have the mountains and high altitude for training. It's so relaxed and for me I love it.


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