It must have been a difficult session in Q1 today with the rain at the end of the first run, how did you find it?

Scott Redding
It wasn't a bad session, we qualified alright, but on my fastest lap I lost time in the first sector. When I went into turn one I knew that I'd broken too soon. Obviously when you've been practicing with more fuel for the race in qualifying you go out with less fuel and the bike stops quicker. So I braked and immediately I knew it was too early but I finished the lap and afterwards when we checked the data I was faster in FP4 by one tenth than I was in qualifying. That cost me the first Open Honda and as well as that I usually go better on the second tyre but we didn't have that today either with the rain. We used the harder tyre today in FP4 and it's looking good, the laptimes were consistent and I was happy with it. I'm still not sure what tyre we'll use in the race. The front tyre will be the soft, I tried the harder tyre but it felt too hard, the rear is a toss up between the softer one and the harder. We'll see in the warmup tomorrow which we can make it work for the race.
With the Open bikes it seems that the new tyres are built specifically for the Factory bikes and the new tyres are pretty irrelevant. After two days of running is that the case?

Scott Redding
We tried the harder front tyre and we didn't feel comfortable, a lot of riders crashed on it, so we've gone a little more with safety and to feel good. Here's a strange circuit because you load the tyre a lot more than you do at somewhere like Motegi so I don't think a lot of people are using the dual compound tyre so far but in the race you might see a few guys use it for the tyre life.
What's the aim for the race tomorrow?

Scott Redding
If we can use the harder tyre it'll be quite good because I've been faster than Alvaro on the same tyre so in the race if we can go for the top twelve which would be good for us. I think that if I'm in the mix with the top guys and I'm on the harder tyre than you never know what could happen. There'll be a lot of tyre drop and if you're in the mix you can go a little bit quicker with those guys and learn some things. My main target is to be the top Open Honda and to beat Alvaro.
Alvaro seems to be really struggling this weekend with the rear sliding is this one of the places where the Open bike can compete with the Factory bikes? It seems similar to 2002 when McWilliams took pole on the 500 in that a less powerful bike isn't punished as much here because it's about maintaining momentum more than having outright power at your disposal.

Scott Redding
Yeah it's because there's not a load of power needed; it's fast corners so you don't use the power. The soft tyre gives us an advantage but I was doing good times on the harder tyre as well. I think that it's just harder for the top guys because they're used to really loading the tyre whereas here they don't do that so it's quite a light feeling.
Looking ahead to 2015 it's all been confirmed that you're signed with MarcVDS. How much of a difference is it for you to be able to know that your future is settled and now you can just relax and concentrate on riding?

Scott Redding
It's not really relaxed because even though it's confirmed we still need to sort all the guys out for the crew. I'm already focusing on next year because it's a big year for me and I want to prepare everything that I can the best that I can and I'm finishing this year doing the best I can. I've got the weight off my shoulders because I know it's happening but I want to be 110% prepared going into the first test and for me the preparation starts here and I've a real goal to look forward to because there was some weeks where I was hearing that it was Ducati or Aprilia or this or that so now I know where I am and what I can achieve.
With Chris Pike confirmed as your crew chief have you looked to take anyone from Gresini or other people that you worked with in the past to the team for next year?

Scott Redding
No, there's no-one that I've worked with before on the crew. There's someone from the other side of the garage that will be working but it'll be mainly an English speaking team so that will be quite good for me and it'll be a good challenge and I hope that we can have good results.
Have you met with Chris with yet?
No not yet, I wouldn't even recognise him if he was he was standing in front of me! But what a lot of people have said is that he's a good guy and with being an English speaker you can get a good relationship so we'll see how it goes. If he believes in me and I believe in him it'll be


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