It's been a special time for you Danny, how are you finding life as a world champion?

Danny Kent:
Yeah it's been good. We've been able to celebrate it since winning in Valencia. Obviously we had a lot of pressure in the last four races and it was good to finally relax and stop training for a bit. Now, after nearly two months of doing nothing, I'm more than ready to get back out there and ride a bike again.
Being a world champion is something most people will never experience. What's the best part?

Danny Kent:
Well, it's with you forever. As you said, not many people can say they are a world champion and I've got that with me for the rest of my life. But the last race was November and testing starts again soon so there is only a short time to celebrate and I'm already working hard to try and do the same in 2016.
You're stepping back up to Moto2, with Leopard Racing, how did the first tests on the Kalex go at the end of last year?

Danny Kent:
After Valencia we went to Jerez for a two-day test. Kalex gave us a bike just to familiarise myself for 2016. Already after two days we had a great feeling. We were only 0.3s from the fastest lap time by Rins, which I think was a pretty respectable job. We didn't change much on the setting, just went out there and basically rode the bike. Changed a few things here and there but nothing major. To do the lap time that we did was really good.

It was a big relief because I had that disaster of a year in [Moto2 in] 2013 and obviously I wanted to confirm we won't be doing the same in 2016. Already after two days I was two-seconds a lap faster than in 2013. So I think things are going in the right direction for another good year.
You mention the year at Tech 3, it was obviously difficult but is there anything you can take from it as a positive now you are coming back to the class?

Danny Kent:
I was able to jump onto the Kalex more-or-less knowing how much power there is and the weight and the bike. There's always a positive and a negative. It was a disaster of a year, but I'm sure we learnt something from it and that 2016 will be completely different.

I feel I've matured as a rider, especially after last year. I learned a lot. I had a great team behind me, great crew chief, great sponsors. Now I'm going to Moto2 with the same team so it's all looking good for this year.
What would you say is the key to going fast in Moto2 compared to Moto3?

Danny Kent:
It's a completely different riding style. Moto2 is twice the weight and also the power is a lot more. In Moto3 you need to carry the momentum through each corner, obviously you haven't got as much power so if you go a little bit wide and lose 0.2 it's much harder to gain it back. You have to be pinpoint precise.

With Moto2 and the much bigger tyre you go into the corner too fast, stop the bike and then pick the bike up as early as possible with the amount of power that they have. You need to pick the bike up as early as possible for a good exit.
Looking to the start of pre-season testing, is that when you'll be making your debut on the 2016 Kalex?

Danny Kent:
Yes that's right. The test at the end of last year was with the 2015 and we can use the 2016 bike from the next test. We'll have to wait and see how that goes. I have been told there's not so much difference. So it'll be good just to get back out on a bike. Brush the cobwebs off and get back into the rhythm of riding a big bike again.
Is there anything you particularly want to focus on at the tests?

Danny Kent:
Apart from just getting time on the bike, I'll sit down with the team and my crew chief and make a plan just like we did going into 2015. More-or-less it's about not just looking for single lap times. We're not bothered if we leave the final test fastest or tenth as long as we can go into Qatar knowing we've prepared everything to have a great first race.
Who do you think is the favourite to take over your Moto3 title next season?

Danny Kent:
I think there are quite a few people. It's always hard to say, especially before the tests have started, but Jorge Navarro was very strong at the end of next year Then there's Nico Antonelli as well.

Obviously Leopard have switched over to KTM and you saw the KTM was very strong in the second half of last year. Fabio [Quartararo] was already on the podium in his first year and now he has jumped into our team. For sure he learned a lot last year and I think he can be a title favourite in 2016.
Finally Danny, you've recently announced a new manager, Rhys Edwards, who most of us know from Honda. How did that come about?

Danny Kent:
Halfway through the year I'd split with my ex-manager. I've known Rhys for a while, he's a great guy. Rhys approached me towards the end of the year and we spoke for quite a while. He wanted a new career path and is really motivated to go out there and do what's best for us both. He's working for a big management company, Wasserman. I believe we've done the right thing and I'm looking forward to getting things started.
Thanks Danny and all the best for start of testing.

Danny Kent:
Thank you very much.

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