An exclusive interview with Moto3 world champion Danny Kent on returning to Moto2 in 2016 and why it is one small step of a bigger plan.
Congratulations on the Moto3 world title last year once again Danny. You must be delighted to get the new season underway as you move back to Moto2?

Danny Kent:
Certainly, from a rider's perspective December and January are the longest months not doing anything while every other month we are traveling the world. It is always nice to unveil the team colours and structure. I'm glad to get everything going now.
How has it been settling on to the Moto2 Kalex bike this winter?

Danny Kent:
It has been really good so far, everything has been really positive and no negatives so far. I'm relieved more than anything because I had that bad year in 2013 when nothing went out way and already we are gone over two seconds a lap faster in Jerez than what we ever achieved in 2013 so I think we can expect different performances in that way.
Having had that experience in Moto2 in 2013, do you feel you have a new point to prove?

Danny Kent:
Not really, the only point I have to prove is that I can ride a Moto2 bike. In 2013, everybody thought I could only ride a Moto3. So far with the testing we have had already everything is going in the right direction and I am really happy with the way it has gone. I am going up to Moto2 with the team I won the Moto3 world championship and they have experience in Moto2 having also won the championship in 2011 with Stefan Bradl. I believe in them and I just need to listen to them and my crew chief [Peter Bom] is very experienced so I will listen to him. I'm sure we can all work together and work hard to hopefully end up in the top group.
Back in the summer before your future had been decided for 2016, Cal Crutchlow in particular said his advice to anyone was to get to MotoGP as fast as you can. Do you feel this is the best step to do that?

Danny Kent:
I do feel it is the right step. If I didn't then I would be in MotoGP as I had a few offers last year. We had more than a few options but I feel for my career in the long run it was better to go to Moto2 and try to have some great results. My plan is to have just one year in Moto2, try to have a great year and do what Alex Rins did last year and hopefully a good MotoGP seat will become available in 2017.
If it is one year in Moto2, what goals have you set yourself?

Danny Kent:
We need to be on podiums. 2015 is now history even though we won the world championship but I wouldn't get a ride for 2017 on what I did in 2015. I've taken a risk as I did have a few options to go to MotoGP but I took the option to go to Moto2 so maybe we'll have a bad year and I'll never get the chance to go to MotoGP ever again in my life.

I believe in myself and I believe in my team, we just need to work hard and I am sure we will have a good season.
Has becoming a world champion changed your outlook at all for this year and the future?

Danny Kent:
Not really everything is largely the same, I'm the same person I just won a Moto3 world championship. In terms of experience I learnt a lot last year as it was my first time fighting for a world championship and I was taking everything as it came because I'd never been in that position before. In terms of pressure and the way I deal with things when I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders has let me learn a lot ready for this year.
One last question, we spotted you at Oulton Park for British Superbikes last year. How much do you keep in touch with the national series?

Danny Kent:
I do, I've got a few friends in BSB racing in that championship obviously being English so when I get some time to watch them I love to head over a support them.



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