Will the team feature the same technicians as your current team in the FIM Junior World Championship?

Max Biaggi:
Yeah, because the chief mechanic is the one I have now. He was working with Aprilia, and then KTM. He had a long career. Honestly, I’m not exaggerating, but to me he was too good for the championship he was in.

But I think in Moto3, in the world championship, it’s more than enough. He has a lot of experience. The mechanics also, and they have worked together for one-and-a-half years. Mainly, part of the group is Spanish. Luckily we have a Spanish rider!
Sterilgarda was a big personal backer through your career. Will that company be part of this project?

Max Biaggi:
Yes. We have already agreed. That partnership started two years ago with the goal of coming to the bigger championship, which is here. Finally we got this and I think it’s medium to long term. So it will be the main one.
How is the emotion of this move? It’s quite a rapid rise for your squad in just two years…

Max Biaggi:
I am excited because when we were in the smaller championship we had dreams of going to the bigger one. Finally in a few months we will start testing for this year. It’s a kind of pure adrenaline. Of course, the rider is good but we need to give him now the good structure, the good package to make him perform in a high level. I hope that this team with this rider can be the news for next year, but you never know. I don’t want to say something that creates high expectation, which is difficult to manage.
Are we likely to see you at all the races next year? How will you balance your current role as Aprilia’s ambassador?

Max Biaggi:
Next year I’ll be at all of them. My main role is to be with Aprilia as an ambassador. That’s why I’m not joining them directly, because my priority is to be with Aprilia to do this kind of job. The other one is like a team owner, I put my structure with my people and, let’s say, the economic side is coming from me. But I don’t have to be 100 percent in the team when we are racing. It’s kind of what Rossi does, or what other teams do.



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