Bagnaia enters the 2023 campaign as the reigning world champion for the first time having delivered Ducati their first title since 2007, and Italy its first title since 2009.

Yet one his fiercest threats could be on the other side of the same garage - Bastianini, promoted from Gresini, has already shown willingness to go wheel-to-wheel in spite of Ducati management’s fears.

Pecco Bagnaia & Ducati will use NUMBER 1 in 2023! | MotoGP 2023

“We haven't talked about roles yet, for sure I will have to collaborate a lot with Pecco to have the best possible bike for the race,” Bastianini said. 

“From there we will have to accumulate points, we hope to do a good job, then everyone will think for themselves."

The subject of Ducati team orders was on every MotoGP fan’s lips last season when Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo were battling for the title.

Bastianini, who had already penned a deal to step into the factory Ducati team this year, put relationships aside to battle hard for positions on track against his future teammate.

Bastianini ended the year third in the MotoGP standings with the second-most race wins, behind only Bagnaia.

"I'm happy to be awarded [the move into the factory team], it means I've built something important,” he said. 

“The first tests are not far away, I'm really excited because I will be dressed in red, I will give 100% like I did last year. 

“Expectations are high both from me and from the team, I will try not to repeat the mistakes of last season that prevented me from aiming for the title.

“I grew up with the desire to be in a factory team, growing up came Ducati, a red bike like Ferrari, now it's up to me to win. 

“I will have to get familiar with the team because everything is new, except for a technician that I brought with me from Gresini. But I already established a good feeling in the Valencia test.

“The goal is not to make the same mistakes again and the Sprint Race could be a problem, because I'm strong especially in the second part of the race. I will try to adapt. The goal is to win, in Ducati they are used to it."