Bridgestone has told that it has no plans to make its two tyre compounds, available to all riders at each MotoGP round under the new single tyre format, look visually different for those watching on TV or trackside.

2009 will be the first season of enforced single-tyre MotoGP racing, but Bridgestone has been the exclusive tyre supplier in Formula One since 2007.

To help generate interest in tyres, and allow the F1 fans and media to better understand what is happening on track, Bridgestone has placed a white line around the inside of one of the tyre grooves on the softer compound (pictured).

Whilst it is technically difficult to place such a white line around a slick tyre, as used in MotoGP, alternatives such as colouring the tyre sidewall still exist.

Indeed, with F1 reverting back to slicks for 2009, the tyre sidewall of the softer compound looks set to be coloured green in F1 this year. However, it seems that the two MotoGP tyre compounds will look identical.

"Presently there is no plan to differentiate tyres in MotoGP as is done in Formula One," a Bridgestone spokesman told

Unlike in MotoGP, F1 drivers must use both tyre compounds at some point during each race.



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