Herve Poncharal has warned against reading too much into lap times from the forthcoming Moto2 test at Valencia, to be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

The test will mark the first time that many of the new designs have been on track together - and everyone interested in the series will naturally be looking to see who comes out on top.

However Poncharal - whose Tech 3 Moto2 chassis will be making its first 'proper' track appearance at the test - believes people shouldn't take the lap times at face value.

The main reason for caution is that, since the official Honda-built Moto2 engine will not be ready until early next year, teams are currently using 600cc engines of varying specification and performance.

"The official Moto2 engine, provided by the championship, will use pump fuel and have a lot of things different to a Supersport race engine," Poncharal told Crash.net.

"But I think at the moment some Moto2 teams are using Supersport-based engines and some others, like we will do, are using a CBR engine with a HRC kit - that you can buy at any shop - and pump fuel.

"According to experts that work with 600cc engines, and especially CBR engines, this could mean a difference of as much as 15 horsepower.

"Our engine should be around 115-120 horsepower. Clearly less powerful than some others, but the main thing is to have a reliable engine while we prepare the chassis.

"So I don't think we should focus too much on the lap times, because nobody knows exactly which type of engine everyone is running."

Tech 3, like most teams, is still searching for sponsorship for the 2010 Moto2 season - and motorsport history is littered with examples of teams, under such circumstances, pulling out impressive lap times in winter testing.

Whilst recognising the temptation, Poncharal insists Tech 3 'won't play that game' and hopes rival teams will also stick to the cost-cutting principals behind the new world championship.

"If you work too much on a Supersport 600cc engine it only lasts 400 kilometres maximum and I don't want to play that game," he said.

"For me it would be stupid, in this economic environment, to spend a lot of money on engine development when the bottom line is we will all have the same engine when we go racing.

"We need to remember that we all pushed for a single engine. It was a unanimous decision. We should be 'above' spending time, money and energy on developing a special engine that will then be thrown away in February.

"I also heard that a few people have been using 'different' tyres," continued Poncharal. "We only want to work with [official Moto2 supplier] Dunlop and only with race tyres.

"The aim of testing should be to get ready to go racing with Dunlop and the official engine next year. It is not to have special tyre and a special engine to crack a super-fast lap time that will mean nothing, except send a positive message to potential sponsors via the media.

"Don't get me wrong. I would like to be on top of the timesheet, but you can be sure that we will do the Valencia test as close to the final Moto2 format as possible," Poncharal insisted.

After handing young Frenchman Florian Marino the honour of completing Tech 3's first Moto2 laps during the shakedown test, 2010 race rider Raffaele de Rosa will take over for its 'competitive' debut at Valencia.

"I'm looking forward to hearing what Raffaele will tell us. I am excited and worried - when your baby is going out for the first time, it's a special moment," admitted Herve.

"I'm confident, but I don't want to be overconfident. We have to have the capacity to stay calm and work effectively. We must remember that the mission of the winter is to work on the chassis, suspension etc and forget about the engine basically."

de Rosa's team-mate Yuki Takahashi will not be present at Valencia, since Tech 3 currently has only one chassis available.



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