Casey Stoner believes the new MotoGP engine-change limit will help make satellite riders more competitive in 2010.

A satellite rider hasn't won a MotoGP race since the last season of 990cc competition, in 2006. And of the 51 podium places on offer during the 2009 racing season, 46 went to factory riders.

The last seven rounds of 2009 saw the introduction of an engine-change limit, which will be tightened even further for the full 2010 season - when only six new engines will be available for each rider over the 18 rounds.

The rule change was designed to reduce maintenance and running costs, but Stoner thinks it will also bring the satellite riders closer to the front.

"It will be fun won't it?" Ducati's 2007 world champion told the BBC. "Everyone is in the same position and it might even things out in the long run so that factories with a lot of resources will not be able to just thrown a lot of resources at it.

"All these people are saying that satellite bikes are not being competitive - I think things will be a lot more even now," Stoner added.

"I [also] think the one tyre rule did a lot - it stopped a lot of complaining."

Stoner also commented on his heavily-reported mid-season fatigue problems, which saw the #27 sit out three rounds - and sacrifice any championship chances - in order to undergo a series of medical tests.

"It was a scare, it helped not to think about what people were saying," said the Australian, a 20-time MotoGP race winner.

"At one point we went to see so many doctors and nobody had an idea. They thought it might be the end of my career. If we hit another hot race I was going to be destroyed.

"It was right to take that time off and it was huge decision and although I was not pressured into the decision I saw a lot of doctors only one came up with the fact that I was lactose intolerant.

"He was the only one who looked at all the blood tests and saw that I was on the low side on all of them. He looked at all the different causes - glucose, lactose and salt intolerance and the mixture of salt and lactose was the answer - and we are very grateful to him.

"It was great to come back to people with a reason."

After returning to action, Stoner took three podiums - including two race wins - from the last four rounds.


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