FB Corse, which is planning to enter MotoGP with a three-cylinder motorcycle, has announced that it will test with new rider Garry McCoy at Valencia from March 15-17.

The first two days will be a normal private test to help development of the FB01, but the final day will see a visit by representatives of Dorna and IRTA to help establish if the machine and team is competitive enough for a place on the premier-class grid.

"On day 17th Dorna's delegate, Mr. Franco Uncini, will make the "Timing test" check, useful for the definitive FB Corse Team registration on the official entry list about the MotoGP World Championship," said an FB Corse statement.

"An IRTA delegate, will be also in circuit to check the work of the team."

Inmotec is the other new manufacturer hoping to enter MotoGP in 2010. The Spanish outfit is aiming to make its debut at the Grand Prix of Catalunya on July 4.



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