Ever since FB Corse announced that it would undergo a 'timing test', attended by representatives of Dorna and IRTA, there has been much speculation as to what exactly will be expected of the new team.

FB Corse is planning to enter MotoGP with a three-cylinder motorcycle this season and has signed former 500cc and WSBK race winner Garry McCoy to develop and hopefully race the FB01.

However, in order to help prove FB Corse should be given a place on the grid, the 'timing test' has been arranged for the third and final day of the team's upcoming private test session at Valencia, from March 15-17.

"On day 17th Dorna's delegate, Mr. Franco Uncini, will make the "Timing test" check, useful for the definitive FB Corse Team registration on the official entry list about the MotoGP World Championship," said an FB Corse statement. "An IRTA delegate, will be also in circuit to check the work of the team."

The phrase 'timing test' implied that a minimum lap time will need to be achieved - and a figure of within three seconds of the last qualifying rider at last year's Valencia Grand Prix has been reported - something that Uncini denied.

"The truth is that there is no limit, the story of [getting within] three seconds is not true," Uncini told GPone.com. "How can you judge a bike, on its debut, in that way? If it was +3.1sec should we say no and if it is +2.9sec we say yes?

"It is a question of reliability, not just performance," Uncini added. "I mean, the lap time is a factor, but also the consistency of performance. If the FB01 is fast but cannot make five laps, it will be a problem. It must compete. Stay on track. This is the goal and this is how it will be judged. With one eye, of course, on the whole picture."



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