The Grand Prix Commission meeting at Brno saw a few more details added to the evolving MotoGP rules for the 2012 season, when the class will change to 1000cc engines and feature some different rules for 'Claiming Rule Teams'.

The 2012 rules already announced are:

Capacity up to 1,000cc
Number of maximum cylinders 4
Maximum bore ? 81 mm
Minimum weight 150 kg (up to 800cc) and 153 kg (over 800cc)
Maximum number of engines available for use by each rider 6
Fuel tank capacity 21 liters

Exception for Claiming Rule Teams (CRT's)
Maximum number of engines available for use by each rider: 12
Fuel tank capacity 24 liters

At Brno, it was revealed that the Grand Prix Commission will decide if a team is eligible for the CRT concessions, presumably to prevent an undercover factory effort.

"The selection of the Claiming Rule Teams (CRT's) will be by unanimous decision of the Grand Prix Commission. Modification to this exception due to performance of the teams requires the simple majority of the Grand Prix Commission."

Linked into this was a further announcement that any new (factory) MotoGP manufacturer will be given engine concessions for their first season, again presumably to tempt the likes of Aprilia or BMW to make an official entry rather than support a CRT team.

"Any new manufacturer entering the MotoGP class and not being selected Claiming Rule Team (CRT) will be allowed to use 9 engines instead of 6 for their first season," said the statement.


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