The latest MotoGP rule amendments, announced by the Grand Prix Commission, reveal a switch back to four MotoGP practice sessions of one hour in length, plus grid changes and a restriction on GPS technology in MotoGP.

GPS is used to accurately locate each motorcycle on the race track in real time and therefore allows set-up to be tuned for each corner.

Other, more detailed, rule changes were announced for the Moto3 class from 2012 (see separate story).

Application 2011

1. Practice Time schedule:

Two days for each class.
MotoGP: 4 sessions of 60 minutes. Moto2: 4 sessions of 45 minutes. 125cc: 2 sessions of 45 minutes (morning) and 2 sessions of 30 minutes (afternoon).

2. Grid position for each class: 3 riders per row.

3. Generator for tyre warmers are permitted on the grid for the 3 classes.

4. In MotoGP, only the GPS provided by Dorna is permitted.



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